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Looming Trouble For Raila As Intelligence Report Leaks Ruto's Secret Plan To Finish Him Politically

In light of recent developments in Kenya, President William Ruto is appealing to the West for action to be taken against opposition leader Raila Odinga.

The proposed sanctions involve a travel ban and other economic restrictions, which have been shown to have success in swaying hardliners and putting pressure on them to agree to political solutions.

These sanctions could help mitigate the effects of mass protests, preventing the economic and human damage of previous attempts to overthrow the government, while providing an opening for the sides to negotiate a more amicable solution.

However, this would involve the sacrifice of Odinga's access to friendly Western nations and his overseas investments, but these measures could prove beneficial in the long run by creating space for more negotiated and peaceful agreements between opposing forces.

The Kenya Kwanza administration strongly believes that in order to deter any future destabilizing activities from Mr Odinga, it is essential for Western countries to enact the travel and economic restrictions against him.

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