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"Hiyo Ni Mambo Ya Kishetani" Gachagua Hits Out At LGBTQ Association After Court's Order.

Honorable Rigathi Gachagua has now hit out at LGBTQ following an order by the Supreme Court that had granted them a chance to be in their association of choice.

He has decided to come clean on what his stand on the matter is after he has made tough remarks on LGBTQ in the country.

Gachagua has categorically pointed out that they don't want such things to be practiced in Kenya and even went on to claim that they are satanic.

He didn't stop there as he moved on to ask women who were at KICC about what they will be doing with each other if they marry one another as people of the same gender.

He made hi conclusion by affirming that the leader of this nation is a man of faith as well as customs that we believe in hence no room for such matters amongst Kenyans.

"Sasa mama akioa mama mwingine wataambiana nini? (What wiill do women getting married tell each other?). Mama mtaambiana nini? (Women what will you say?). Hiyo maneno hatutaki (We don't want those things). Hiyo ni mambo ya kishetani (Those are satanic things). Hiyo ni kinyume na vile sisi tunaamini (That is against our beliefs). Na sisi tunasema kiongozi wa nchi hii ni mja mungu (We're saying our leader is God fearing). He is a man of faith. He will do what needs to be done. In any case we have traditions and customs. What they are suggesting is stagnant to immorality," said DP Rigathi Gachagua.

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