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Why Criminology Degree Alone Might Not Be Marketable

Criminology is a good course compared to many more courses in Kenya and world wide. But studying criminology and getting a degree might not be a big achievement due to the job market and the current unemployment situation in Kenya.

Having a degree can earn you a chance at various work places including Probation and Aftercare Services, Police department, NGOs, Investigative firms and many more. But the reason as to why this course is not marketable is because people find it hard to secure jobs hence I consider it as one of the least marketable courses in Kenya. This is why ..

Criminology is only marketable when it's pursued by someone who is already employed. For instance, when you are passionate about joining the forces like KDF, the better advice would be to get recruited first and once you're done with your training, you enroll for a criminology degree.

In the recent times we've seen graduates being unlucky when it comes to selection of trainees joining forces just because they hold a degree. Constant notion being that degree holders are stubborn and would want to further their studies hence, eventually demanding for pay rise and promotions.

This is wrong given that people study to be eligible for these positions. Secondly, the job market is not wide enough unless a degree holder decides to become self employed. Even lecturing needs a PhD holder or an advanced Masters degree to be employed. Most of the work done by police officers should be done by criminologist.

Before deciding on taking the course, do your research well so you don't have to stay jobless once you've graduated. If lucky enough, pursue the course outside Kenya because there is a higher chance of being employed in other countries compared to Kenya.

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