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Video: Pastor Causes A Stir in Church As He Explains This About Gay Relationship

There has been a heated debate recently over the issue of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) community in Kenya. This happened after the death of Chiloba Kiprotich in Eldoret, who was a member of the group.


Many came out to say they are members of this group thus sparking a debate about their recognition in the country. Recently, the Supreme Court of Kenya allowed them to form lobby groups thus causing further controversies that Kenya might be allowing the queer community to carry out their activities.

Amidst that, a video of a pastor explaining the concept of gay and lesbian relationships has surfaced online. Pastor Monroe as he was famously known, used to teach people about life. In this particular video, he taught his congregants about the creation of God and wondered why humans, like a man and a man, get attracted to each other.

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He quoted Genesis 2:22, which says that God put man into a deep sleep, removed his rib and used it to create a woman. The result was a beautiful creature called a woman. "Why would someone get attracted to this?" he said pointing to the man while demonstrating amidst laughter from the congregants.

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