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Here are facts About the World's Most Expensive Flower and Where it is Found

Flowers are among the most valued products in the world market used in gardening. As the world embraced the real estates development, the market for flowers continues to ruse. There are various types of flowers which are grown in the compound for beauty.

The most expensive flower is called Kadapul Flower. It has never been bought since it is priceless. Various scientists have investigated about the nature of this flower and have concluded that its worth is indefinate due to its scarcity.

This elusive plant is actually a cactus type and it only grows in one country in the world, that is, Sri Lanka.The interesting fact about this flower is that it only blooms once a year and just at night and it dies before dawn.

Due to its incredibly short life span, this flower has become almost mythical in its status and is referred by many as the most valuable.

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