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Things You Probably Didn't Know About Antarctica, The Coldest Place In The World

The places found far at the poles are considered to be the coldest given the fact that they are covered in ice all year round. One of the places is Antarctica. This place is ever covered with ice all the year and it has been so for many years.

The Antarctica has been in existence for for about 30 million years. This is according to geologists who have been studying the place. The place is a vast area covered with pure ice. Imagine all that ice having stayed that way for all those years.

Apart from being a a large area of ice expanding over thousands of kilometers, the dept of the ice is also huge. At the center of the glacier, the depth of the ice goes to over 4km. This is a massive depth one can never imagine of. It is also said that under the ice, there is a mountain range as big as the Alps but only the peaks can be seen protruding at the top of the ice.

During winter, lakes in the region which have an area of about 90 square kilometers freeze and become stones of ice. Only after winter is over do they melt back to normal water. The place is an exciting one that we should all aim to visit someday.

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