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China Square opens again after days of closure

Lei Cheng, the proprietor of China Square in Kenya, has been granted permission to resume operations after a temporary shutdown due to security concerns and other factors that arose on February 27th. The Kenyan government and the Chinese community collaborated to address the issue through a series of discussions.

The Kenya Chinese Chamber of Commerce released a statement on Monday expressing appreciation for the government's support in enabling the Chinese community to contribute to Kenya's growth and development. The statement confirmed that China Square would reopen after resolving the issues that led to its closure. The store's owner has stated that they will increase security personnel and address till-related concerns to ensure customer satisfaction.

The resolution is fantastic news for the Chinese community in Kenya and the Kenyan economy as a whole. Numerous Chinese firms have invested in the country and have been crucial to its growth and development. The reopening of China Square will not only benefit the Chinese community but will also generate job opportunities for Kenyans and improve the country's retail sector.

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