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"Ngamwaga Kemikal" Meet the Mastermind Behind the Viral " Wash Wash" Parody Video

Kenya is a home for both famous and infamous things happening throughout the people's lives. The "wash wash" business is among the things that amazed and surprised many Kenyans at large. They did not believe how celebrities and politicians could make counterfeit money to fuel their luxurious lives both inside and outside the country.[Photo Courtesy

Nothethesless, that should not worry you since people are starting to forget about it since the government has just remained silence. It looks like someone just tried to make the government to remember the story. Terrence Creative, the man behind the viral video trending bin Kenya has decided to perform a parody of the "wash wash" business.[Photo Courtesy]

The Kenyan comedian who is well known for producing educative videos for entertainment decided to cooperate with some of Kenyan actors to produce the video which went viral in the first week. He used the Congolese ascent which has now been a talk of the town. Almost everyone is using this phrase everyday. [Photo Courtesy]

However, time has passed and it looks like some people are just bored with this accent. They claim that it is so irritating to see everyone on social media commending and posting things using the accent. Do you think that the accent is boring or people are just being hateful and jealous?

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