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Signs you Should Move Away From That Relationship

When we are in a relationship we expect it to strive and move into a next stage. But however we should know that people change, feelings fade away and things change. When you see the red signs in a relationship it is good to leave earlier than stay and have your emotions and feelings being hurt. Today let's have a look at the signs that a relationship is no longer working;

1) When you live in past memories than the present. A good relationship should bring up new memories everyday but if it no longer does this just walk away

2)When the relationship brings you more pain than joy the two of you are always quarrelling and your partner doesn't treat you well

3)When you keep justifying his or her actions to yourself

4) When he or she is causing you emotional, physical and verbal pain

5)When he or she puts little or no effort in the relationship

6)When you stay on expecting things to change

It may be difficult and painful, living that person you love. However consider your mental health, in this life learn to take care of yourself first. If a person doesn't value you they see you as a nobody to them be strong enough to love yourself more and do yourself justice by walking away.

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