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African Proverb: He Who Knows Much Does Not Speak Much

This proverb is similar to sayings like 'Empty barrels make the most noise', 'the cow which moos a lot gives little milk', 'where the river is shallow, there the noise is loud'.

They all mean the same thing. But what do they mean? Let me use the river analogy to explain. The Congo River, also known as the Zaire river is the world deepest River with measured depth of about 220 m (720 feets).

That's enough depth to drown Manhattan's iconic Met Life Tower —with plenty of room left over for fishing boats to pass overhead.Now, contrast this with Wli waterfall in my home country Ghana.

You could literally stand under the waterfall spot, where it hits the ground and barely have your leg covered. It measures only about 1.2 feet around that point and yet there is so much noise you cannot hear someone standing next to you at that point.

What's the lesson? It is this: People who are loud or who talk a lot usually have nothing of depth to say. Those who raise their voices on others often have shallow thinking.

You will also find that the people who don't know you much will criticize you the most. Much as this hurts, don't let it bother you much. It's part of life. Be undisturbed. 

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