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8 Simple Changes you can Make to look Better

Dress according to your age

Every age group has their dress code and what looks good on you when you were a kid, changed as you aged. Teens wearing crop tops, miniskirts and other clothes are understandable but all this will change as they grow and start wearing clothes that are covering them well. It’s not about covering but enhancing their best features

How to avoid muffin tops and waist rolls

A muffin top occurs when your waist is too high making a fat on the waist spill over and above the belt. You can fix this since it’s not a big issue because we come in different size and shape, you just to go for high waist clothes and a top that is fitting well.

Choosing a belt

For both men and women who work at the office, consider thin classic belts when going to work especially leather ones. The studded, thicker, jazzier belts work parties and weekends. Also consider the color, a black belt id good when wearing a black outfit, a yellow one is too bright and is overkill

Get everything fitted

Cloth that is not fitting you well, no matter how expensive it is it will not look good on you. When buying clothes make sure that everything fits you especially those that are off the rack, this rule should be followed especially with men who wear suits, blazers and jackets

Wear right fabric for the weather

If it is in the evening and it is freezing outside always choose warm cloths and if it’s on a hot day, go for light outfit. The fabrics have to march the weather, avoid wool and knits during the summer and silk, cotton and lace during winter.

Matching other accessories

In casual nature you can wear any colorful socks or ties you love and to work, stick to the tried and tested stuff, for example from work you may choose a tie with dots, stripes or even paisleys and the socks should be plain matching the pants or shoes

Never do dark lips and eyes together

Make is one of the most important things in your overall appearance, you can do what you love for parties and events but when it comes to work or normal day, you can only concentrate on one thing. If you are going for dark or bright lipstick keep the eyes and the cheeks light and if it’s the eyes you intend to enhance then keep the lips pastel. Remember, in makeup, less is always more

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