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"DCI is killing people in the name of killing thugs" Junet Mohamed

Suna East Member of Parliament Junet Mohammed has come out to expose the National Police Service for carrying out illegal killings in the name of stopping robbery. On Sunday the DCI posted on its social media platforms that they had succeeded to kill two notorious robbers who have been terrorizing people in Murang'a for long.

The DCI then shared some images of the murdered thugs and said they were killed after a fierce shootout. June Mohammed however released some photos of the two killed gentlemen before they met their death. They were sitting on the ground with their hands tied together. June was trying to pass a message that the two were killed after being arrested and not during a shootout like the DCI claimed. The MP then called on IPOA to look into the matter and help protect human rights.

"When UDA/kk government politicians tell you their government don't kill people. Of course they are lying. An institution that does not respect someone of the stature of Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga cannot secure your rights. @HakiKNCHR | @IPOA_KE," Junet said.

After he made the revelation Kenyans came out to support him as they revealed that the two were not from Murang'a. They had been caught supplying weapons to bandits. To make matters more complicated the DCI pulled down the tweet making Kenyans suspect them.

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