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52 Adorable Photos of Actress Wilbroda in Real Life

Jacqueline Nyaminde, is a beautiful lady who is known by many due to her wonderful acting skills. Jacqueline Nyaminde alias actress Wilbroda, was featured in a certain Swahili telenovela known as Papa Shirandula TV show, a popular Citizen TV's drama show, that also featured some of the greatest actors in Kenya such as the late Papa Shirandula.

Nyaminde is a talented actress who played her role in a lively and unique way, leaving many confusing her with some of the great Hollywood actresses. Due to this, actress Wilbroda became extremely popular in all her social media pages. As seen on her social media posts, Nyaminde is an extrovert lady who likes hanging out with so many different people.

She also seems to be a God fearing lady who likes captioning her photos with wise captions. Well, I've decided to share with you guys some 52 adorable photos of actress Wilbroda in real life.

Below are some of her photos,

As seen in her photos above, it is truly evidence that she falls in the category of the most beautiful actresses in Kenya.

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