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Susan Kihika Reacts to Sunday Standard Headline,"Inside Landmines That Threaten to Delay Polls"

Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika reacted to Sunday Nation newspaper headline," inside landmines that threaten to delay polls" by saying that Kenyans must resist and never allow an incumbent to even Hallucinate about extending his tenure.

Susan Kihika vowed that they will not allow anyone to reverse our democratic Rights by attempting to do away with presidential term limits.

According to this headline,A congested political calendar will see MPs deal with referendum, demarcation of the proposed constituencies- a highly politicized and delicate process,and reconstitution of the electoral body, all which threaten to delay next year's polls.

This is what she posted on twitter,

"We MUST resist and NEVER allow an incumbent to even HALLUCINATE about extending HIS TENURE! We shall not allow anyone to reverse our Democratic Rights by attempting to do away with Presidential Term Limits! #FinishAndGo #NotaSecondMore"


Kenny:The journey MUST be finished Susan you dined with the oppressor when Kenyans wanted them gone now you have to bare with what you stood for. Never ever forget CHOICES HAVE CONSEQUENCES!

Twita:As per DP Ruto..17million Kenyans unemployed/underemployed..400k/yr teen pregnancies..Covid19 pandemic and economic collapse. Maybe wealthy politicians should come up with concrete plans to help wananchi.

Viceroli:If the haven’t erased from my phone today I’ll show you picture they also enlisted the help of my sister at the Beauty s also. Next to the nail business there the govt gang stalking took place. They stole much of remaining no digital remaking evidence.

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