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How To Drive An Automatic Car

An automatic car is a car with an automatic transmission that does not require a driver to shift gears manually. The transmissions which are also known as gear box help in the direct rotational force and also the speed of the car.

In this article am going to teach you how you can be able to drive an automatic car.

Step 1) put your right foot on the left-hand pedal, the brake, and push it down.

Step 2) press the start button or use the key. Depending on the vehicle that you have.

Step 3) with your foot still on the brake pedal move the shifter to Drive or Reverse depending on the direction you want the car to move.

Step 4) Slowly remove the foot from the brake and if you are climbing a lane you will need to press the gas pedal slowly and the car will start moving to the direction you wanted it to go.

Whenever you are moving the shifter ensure that you have pressed the brake pedal.

You should not use the left foot to press the gas pedal or brake pedal.

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