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Declaration of a dusk to dawn curfew in North Rift counties of Turkana

Interior cabinet Secretary Kithuri Kindiki declare a curfew in part of Turkana, Elgenyo Marakwet , Baringo, West Pokot, Samburu and Laikipia counties.

Addressing via the ministry of interior today the 23 of february 2023 the kenya government has declared 30 days curfew in six counties:Turkana, Elgenyo,Marakwet, Baringo, west Pokot,Samburu and Laikipia counties the country is still under choas because bandits are attacking some part of country causing lack of peace many people are injured and lost some souls.

The pivotal aim of the curfew is basically aimed at flushing out bandits from they hideout in stated counties. The interior cabinet Secretary Kithuri Kindiki commended the SWAT team who previously show they tactics to handle they enemies to follow up the curfew for 30 day until stated otherwise.

Talking a look at the North Western part of Kenya: Turkana and other stated counties they must be side impact on imposed curfew where pregnant mother, girls and those who are sick needing medical attention are forced to stayed at home or need for other services leading to hindering to social economics activities to go on.

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