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The New Subject Combination Which Guarantees Faster Employment After College

The Teachers Service Commission has released a list of the best subject combination which those aspiring to be teachers should go for. Initially students used to go for Mathematics and Physics but it is flooded nowadays.

On the top of the list is Physics/ Chemistry. It is said that graduates of this combination get the TSC job while waiting for the TSC numbers. The second one is Computer Studies with any other combination. Graduates of this subject combination also don't stay for more than one year without getting employed.

The third subject combination which is underrated by many but it's very marketable is Business Studies/ Geography. Recent TSC employment records have revealed that graduates of this subject combination do not tarmack for more than two years without employment. Very few students study it making it the best combination. Infact of late it has surpassed subjects like Maths/ Physics in the job market.

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