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Deliverance From Household Wickedness

*Deliverance from Household Wickedness:*

                   Matthew 10:

35 I came to set sons against their fathers, daughters against their mothers, daughters-in-law against their mothers-in-law; 

36 your worst enemies will be the members of your own family.

The battle we face on a daily basis is spiritual in dimension. We are not against flesh and blood, but against organized evil forces in dark places.

The warfare is so real such that 99% of deliverances I've seen, people have been afflicted through bloodline ties and by members of the same family tree.

Make no mistake to be quick to trust people easily no matter how innocent they may appear. Ask God for discernment because the times we are living in are evil.

Don't Imagine that someone from a far off is the one who is monitoring and destroying your destiny,-but a very close relative.

I can bet you on this, someone closer than you think is working witchcraft, spells and all kinds of evil with the intention to bind and cripple your destiny.

Once they overshadow your star by putting evil veils, you will never shine in this world. It is time to recover all that belongs to you.

Lord Jesus Christ, you triumphed over all works of darkness and you transferred your Authority upon me. I Uproot every altar of witchcraft (be it in my fathers/mothers house or close relatives) causing failure, poverty, sickness, rejection, debts, fibroids, ceased mensuration, barrenness, bondage of any form and I burn them into ashes. In Jesus Name, I bind and seize all unclean and familiar spirits, send to cripple my destiny, my star, my progress in Jesus Christ Name. I pursue, I overtake and I recover all that has been in the hands of the Enemy. I raise a New altar, which is acceptable for holy sacrifice in Jesus Name.

                       Amen and Amen

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