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NEWS JUST IN: RMS Journalist Francis Gachuri Lands Lucrative Post in Interior Ministry

The Royal Media Services Journalist, Francis Gachuri has been a household name across the country given his influence as well as position at the media house.

Picture courtesy. Interior Cabinet Secretary Professor Kithure Kindiki.

He has reported on so many important Kenyan events and interviewed many high profile Kenyans and foreign dignitaries during his time as a journalist at the Royal Media Services.

This afternoon, according to the available reliable reports that we have with us from Francis Gachuri, he has just landed a top post within the Interior Security Ministry.

Francis Gachuri has been appointed as the Head of Communications in the Ministry of Interior Security which is headed by Cabinet Secretary Professor Kithure Kindiki.

The RMS Journalist will be responsible for the creation, delivering as well as evaluating communication activities that lead to the effective positioning as well as the promotion of trust within the Ministry of Interior Security.

Francis Gachuri will also manage all the internal as well as external communications channels that are within the Ministry of Interior and National Coordination.

The reports intimate that Francis Gachuri has accepted the role and has quit his role in Citizen TV as per the reports that we have with us this afternoon.

The role in President William Ruto's administration will see him brush shoulders with other former journalists who have been appointed to the roles.

We extend our congratulations to Francis Gachuri who has been appointed to a top post in the President William Ruto led administration.

Let us know your thoughts and opinions on this latest development in the comments section below this article.

Picture courtesy. Francis Gachuri at a past event that he was covering during his time at Citizen.

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