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Honorable Agnes Kavindu Sends a Message To Dp Ruto, as Aden Duale Drops a Fresh Bombshell(VIDEO

Honorable Agnes Kavindu has sent this message to deputy president William Ruto. Kavindu has attacked deputy president William Ruto due to the increase of the fuel price. This happens after Deputy president William Ruto blamed the government for the increments of fuel prices.

In a video posted by a writer. Honorable Agnes Kavindu claims that Deputy President William Ruto is still in the government. Dp Ruto is part and parcel of the government. Dp Ruto should also be unanswerable to why the fuel price has increased.

"I want to ask Deputy president William Ruto. He is the deputy president of this country. The other day I heard him on media that the government is raising the price of fuel. Who's the government and you are part and parcel of this government. So you should tell us why the fuel are going up." says Agnes Kavindu.

Honorable Aden Duale claims that ODM party leader Raila Odinga has been blocking revenue allocation to some regions. Since he joined the government after handshake. Aden Duale claims that Raila Odinga has only done development and mega projects in his Strongholds. Forgetting about other regions.

"Raila is blocking revenue allocation to some regions. After joining the government after handshake he has only done mega projects in his stronghold", Says Aden Duale.

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