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William Ruto Launches Kenya Kwanza Manifesto - The Plan

Deputy President William Ruto has released his five-point agenda way before the August 9 elections.

One of Ruto's first tasks as President would be reviving Kenya's economy in the post-Covid era, which he dubbed 'The Plan'.

 "I'm going to make a significant change in our economic policies," he stated.

"I'm going to carry out major economic changes in a systematic way, so that we can expedite job creation and empower everyone." said Ruto.

Among the numerous difficulties his government would face, Ruto stated in Kasarani, are an estimated 50 percent unemployment rate; an economy heavily reliant on low-productivity agriculture (approximately 30 percent of GDP); rising energy and food costs that are now out of reach for many Kenyans; and the fact that almost half of Kenyans are now living below the poverty line (as per 2019 estimate), which has been made worse by drought and the pandemic.

“To achieve long-term economic development, Kenya Kwanza's proposal is an ambitious one, he added.

“The "hustlers" will be empowered, as long as the financial inclusion and economic progress are maintained.” he said.

According to the Deputy President, economics that is based on the "free market" doesn't function since the "free market" is rigged in favor of the wealthy, which is why cartels control it.

According to him, the trickle-down paradigm favors capital over labor, large corporations over small ones, and long-established firms over new ones.

 “When it comes to creating policies and programs, the bottom up economic structure is a people-driven, consciously inclusive, collaborative effort in which citizens are at the center.” stated Ruto.

Kenya Kwanza's bottom-up economic discussion in 47 counties was centered on five pillars, including Agriculture and Food Security, MSMEs and Financing, Housing, Health Access, and the ICT and Creative Economy.

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