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Side Effects Of Artificial Nails That Women Should Know

It's okay to look nice and attractive with artificial nails. Like who doesn't like being complimented that they look gorgeous? However, these artificial nails have side effects which are not known to many.

Here are some of the side effects of artificial nails or stickons;

1. Allergic reaction

The chemicals used to attach or remove artificial nails can irritate your skin and cause redness, pus or swelling around your fingernails.

2. Bacterial or fungal infections.

When you accidentally dislodge your real nail from the nail bed, germs, yeast or fungus can get into the gap and grow. A bacterial infection can turn your nails green. Nail fungus, on the other hand, starts out with a white or yellow spot on the nails. The nail may thicken over time, and it can crumble in severe cases.

3. Weakened nails.

Removing acrylic or gel nails requires you to soak your fingers in acetone for 10 minutes or longer. This chemical is very drying to your real nails and can irritate your skin. Some artificial nails must be filed off. That can make your natural nails thin, brittle, and weak.

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