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Cost of Hiring Sh20-Million Posh Range Rover Limousine Hearse That Carried Late Orie Rogo Manduli

The body of late Orie Rogo Manduli who was a former National Council of Non-Governmental Organisation's chairperson arrived at All Saints Cathedral Nairobi on 5, October 2021 in a Posh Range Rover Limousine Hearse during her requiem mass ahead of her burial. Family and friends of the late Orie Rogo Manduli gather during the mass and details reveal that she will be laid to rest on Saturday at her Machewa home in Kitale.

During the mass, the daughter of late Orie Rogo Manduli paid glowing tribute to her late mum. The daughter referred her mom as a "Mighty Lioness, Tausi, Mama Safi, Agwambez, Total Woman in a Total Constituency with Total Needs." Orie Rogo Manduli died at the age of 73.

The Range Rover Limousine Hearse that carried Orie Rogo Manduli's body could not have failed to catch the attention of many people. One of the company in Kenya that owns this luxurious hearse vehicle is Delights Funeral Services. 

This elongated vehicle is a premium hearse. It is among the exclusive range rover limousines. At the beginning of this year, Delights funeral services had revealed that they charge approximately Sh500,000 to hire the services of the Posh Range Rover Limousine Hearse. 

The Limousine helps the families who can afford it to offer their loved ones a last ride in style. The cost of hiring the Posh Range Rover Limousine Hearse was revealed in May this year by Harrison Muchiri who is the director of the Delights Funeral Services company.  

However, this vehicle can only be hired by families who would not find it difficult to give out the Kshs half a million for a single day ride of their loved ones. 

Late Orie Rogo Manduli is among the few who have been carried by this expensive hearse vehicle. During the burial of late Mama Hannah Mudavadi who was the mother to ANC Musalia Mudavadi, this limousine hearse also surfaced which left people talking after the cost of its services was revealed.

The Range Rover Limousine Hearse is an ex-UK vehicle which has no modifications done on it. The vehicle costs Sh20 million.

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