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Prominent World Leaders And Football Clubs They Support

1.Boris Johnson the prime minister of great Britain he supports all London clubs .Chelsea ,Arsenal, Spurs and Fulham. He is behind the birth of one London FC

2.Pedro Sanchez prime minister Spain a die heart of Atletico Madrid, he has been seen in the public confessing the undying love of Atletico Madrid

3.Pope Francis, the highest power in Catholicism, is a big-time San Lorenzo a team from Argentina

4.Russian president Vladimir Putin is supposedly a fan of Zenit St Petersburg, and he is not afraid to make his feelings known about the state of the team and its whereabouts.

 5.Alberto Fernandez the president of Argentina is a huge supporter of Buenos Aires based side, the club where the great Argentinian star Diego Armando Maradona began his incredible career.

6.Barrack Obama former America president is a fan of West ham from England, once he sat down to watch the hummers  match with his sister, who lived in East London,

7.France president Emmanuel Macron is a big Marseille supporter.

Marseille were second in Ligue 1 when president Macron decided to curtail the football calendar which was an advantage to them

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