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Type Of Fruits to Reduce Eating to Live Longer

Bananas are one if the major and common type of fruits that are consumed in large amounts around the globe. Research has shown that more than 100 billion bananas are consumed globally each year.

Apart from the positive effects that come along eating bananas which includes good health, the research has also indicated that eating bananas in large amounts can also lead to negative heath effect. In addition, the research has also indicated that sticking from 1-3 bananas a day is good for your health.

Some the major side effects of eating in large quantities includes loss of weight. This is because of the protein and fiber-rich nature of bananas, leaving you feeling full for a longer period, and ultimately less likely to snack. Apparently, eating bananas on a regular basis can also lead to feeling sleepy more oftenly.This is because the acid on bananas (Amino Acid) makes you feel sleepy. In addition, also contains magnesium and potassium, both of which act as muscle relaxants, which help you ease into sleep.

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