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"Lakini Rangi Ni Mbaya" House Tour To Mike Sonko's House Causes A Stir On Social Media

Sandra Mbuvi is now in the spotlight after she served Kenyans with videos flaunting their expensive and luxurious house. Sandra Mbuvi who is the last-born daughter of the former Nairobi governor posted a video showing their house from the inside and outside. Gideon Mbuvi popularly known as Mike Sonko is the former governor of Nairobi county before he become the governor he was the senator of Nairobi county.

He is married to an adorable wife called Primrose Mbuvi, drawing from reliable sources, Mike Sonko and his wife have been together for quite a long period of time. Existing reports on social media show that their house is located in Machakos count, a place called Mua hills.In the video, she posted you could see the big swimming pool in their home, on the entrance into the house it is written, ' ' SONKO' S FAMILY' '. In the video, you could also see beautiful trees, green, and many black vehicles of different models parked in their beautiful environment, see the photo below of their vehicles, every member of Mike Sonko s family has a vehicle.Mike Sonko- Details About His Net Worth & amp; Family, House and Cars Mike Sonko is the former governor of Nairobi county, he was impeached from his political seat after he was alleged of engaging in corruption activities, he is married to a wife called Primrose Mbuvi, the two have been together for quite a long time. Mike Sonko and his beautiful wife are blessed with three beautiful daughters.Drawing from reliable sources, it is believed that, Mike Sonko owns at least 19 properties, 10 companies, and 24 vehicles, among the properties Sonko is believed to own, is a residential property in Nyari Estate, Nairobi, Casuarina Bar and Restaurant in Buru Buru, Nairobi. Sonko says NMS deed decision behind upper hill railways property troubles A residential house in Buru Buru and another in Greenspan Estate, Nairobi.He also owns a beach residential property in Kanamai, Kilifi, named Sonko Family Resort, a hotel in Kilifi known as Salama Maridadi Beach Hotel, and Club Volume in Shanzu, Kilifi, among many other properties.Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko Net Worth is not disclosed to the public but Kenyans allegedly that it must be over 20 Million. Their three daughters are namely, Saumu Mbuvi, Salma Mbuvi, and Sandra Mbuvi. Mike Sonko and his wife have adopted three children at the moment, two girls and one boy.A few months ago, their adopted son, completed his high school studies and Mike Sonko disclosed that he will buy him a car for performing well. Mike Sonko is an ex-politician loved by many Kenyans because of his kindness, he has helped many children by adopting some and providing others with all the basic needs they require in life. See the photo below of Sandra Mbuvi and her mother.

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