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From Grace To Grass: Meet Raphael Tuju's Ex-Wife Who Left Him For Another Man

Raphael Tuju is a well-known politician in the country. He made headlines a couple of years ago after allegedly accusing his wife of cheating on him hence file for a divorce.

His former wife is identified as Ruth Akinyi of whom they were blessed with three lovely kids that have since grown. Their marriage lasted for 23 years.

As it was reported by the Nairobian, Ruth decided to venture into a different path after their break up. Despite being a former Minister's wife, she chose to do something very simple with her life.

She became a hotel proprietor alongside Mombasa road. They confirmed that she is selling meals such as chapati, 'matumbo, just to mention a few.

To satisfy her needs, she was determined to do the job with a lot of determination and generosity while serving her clients. The paper disclosed that many people loved her in the area.

The two separated in 2011 after Tuju accused Ruth of cheating him with the late Tony Ogunda who was a General Service Unit officer.

The death of Tony was a mysterious one because she was found dead in his friend's house. We wish them all the best.

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