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Conflict in TangaTanga? Moses Kuria 'Launches A Morning Attack' on Kositany as He Tells Him to do This

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With less than two years remaining before the 2022 general elections, politicians from different regions have been running up and down to try and find amicable solutions to their deteriorating political careers. 

The Deputy President of Kenya Mr. William Samoei Ruto has been under immense pressure from his political adversaries who have all ganged up against the man from Sugoi. 

Jubilee Deputy Secretary-General Caleb Kositany earlier today took to the Internet to plead with the government of the day to change their focus priority from the Deputy President to more important issues like reviving the economy. 

According to Kositany, The issue of 2022 should solely be left to God and Kenyans to pick their leader. Kositany's sentiments did not settle well with Gatundu South Member of Parliament Mr. Moses Kuria who told His Tangatanga counterpart to focus on God rather than politics. Kuria warned Kositany that it was a Sunday so he should focus on God. 

It is unclear why Kuria opted to attack a fellow Tangatanga member who was highlighting important issues facing the government of the day. Could this spell trouble within the Tangatanga ranks? Time will tell. 

Meanwhile, share with us your thoughts on the matter kindly. 

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