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How South Korea Is Tackling Housing Crisis With High-Rise Apartments

The issue of housing remains to be one of the major social problems in almost all countries globally. This problem is especially aggravated by the rapid influx of people into the major towns and cities to look for better economic opportunities, against the carrying capacities of those metropolises.

As a result, shanty structures often crop up to accommodate the increasing population, creating a new problem of slums. The Soweto slums in South Africa and Kibera slums in Kenya are perfect examples of the severity of housing problems in major cities.

South Korea is among the few nations that have found practical solutions to tackle this modern problem affecting the global community. The country is doing this by conquering the skies - like!

South Korea cities are widely known for their spectacular high-rise apartment buildings that easily go beyond 200 meters in the air. For instance, the famous Doosan We've the Zenith in Busan is reported to be 300 meters high with 80 floors! This residential building accommodates up to 1,788 apartments.

Next to this astonishing building is the Haeundae I'Park Marina Towers. This I'Park Marina building goes as high as 298 meters in the air, with 72 floors and 1,631 apartments.

Another high-rise apartment is the Tower Palace I in Dogok, Seoul. This is recognized as the pioneer high-rise residential building to be built in 2002 with 66 floors, and 1,279 apartments.

Indeed, the number of high-rise residential apartments is on the rise to match the increasing demand for housing in South Korean cities.

The following is an illustration of other notable examples of these spectacular buildings.

Richensia-Jungdong in Bucheon, Gyeonggi. The height of this building is 238 meters, and it has 66 floors and 572 apartments.

Hyperion Towers in Mokdong, Seoul. Has a height of 256 meters, comprising of 69 floors and 466 apartments.

 Perhaps it is time other nations around the world should consider using South Korea as a case study to help them find effective and lasting solutions to this perennial issue of housing problem.

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