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It Takes Only Broke Girls to Know About Stingy Men (Opinion)

Have been wondering why some girls call their men stingy yet they also have the same opportunity to achieve their goals and satisfy their own needs. Today I have gotten the answer to this question and this article might also answer yours if you had any.

Firstly, you cannot demand something from a person if you're capable to get your own, this might hurt but it's the truth, have never had men calling girls stingy but it is a common phrase my fellow girls like mentioning. 

In this era, human beings are given the same opportunity unlike in the past where girls were taken as inferior as they didn't have a say in the community but that has changed. That is why you will hear them talking about stingy men because of the freedom of expression has been given to all.

The freedom of expression should not be the reason behind this but girls should work hard to satisfy their needs independently without involving men and they will realize change because those "stingy men" to them will willingly provide support in whatever thing they will be doing.

Girls who don't have anything will be going around asking men for help and if their request is turned down, they will call them stingy which is not true because they might be tired to help every time. My conclusion is, only girls who are broke know about stingy men!


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