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Moses Kuria Breaks Silence On The Maritime Dispute, Dares Somalia

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has just ruled in favor of the Republic of Somalia against Kenya over the contested parts of the Indian Ocean that is believed to be rich in oil and gas. Somalia had filed the case in 2014.

The ICJ stated that there is no maritime boundary border agreement that exists between Kenya and Somalia. However, it recommended a slight adjustment to the current borderline. The Court rejected the claims made by Kenya that the delimitation between the two nations will endanger the livelihoods of the fishing communities.

ICJ set to define the boundary between the two counties using beacons that were set in an agreement between the colonial powers of Italy in Britain in 1934 that were in line with the international conventions. However, Moses Kuria has reacted to this ruling and decided to deliver sad message to Kenyans. He claimed, "The ICIJ case on the Kenya-Somalia dispute is a waste of time. The only just settlement for territorial disputes is war. Simply get KDF out of Amisom and deploy them on our legitimate territory and add our naval forces too."

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