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South African Wowed by Uhuru After Nairobi Pictures Looks More Beautiful than Lagos and Johannesburg

Nairobi is a city that is seeing tremendous growth in all of her sectors. The growing numbers of investors because of Nairobi's strategic position is really changing the face of this city. The international investors are bringing different architectural designs that are making Nairobi turn out unique.

Pictures of Nairobi taken this April have resurfaced the internet. The splendin pictures of Nairobi looks so much glamouring visually something that has made south Africans and Nigerians notice them. This international citizens were wowed by how Nairobi has really changed under the leadership of his Excellency Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta. According to the south Africans, Nigerians and some Ugandans their native country needs a president like Uhuru in their countries. Nairobi is slowly surpassing Johannesburg and Lagos. Here are some reactions

Looking at Nairobi two years ago and Nairobi of today, there are much difference. Beautiful pictures of Nairobi taken in April can not just be compared to Johannesburg south Africa and Lagos Nigeria. See the pictures below:

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