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HIV Kills: 6 Symptoms Every Woman Should Know

Studies carried out shows that one can stay with HIV virus for a long period, up-to 8-10 years without awareness. This virus attacks the body’s cells, weakening them to fight infections. Medics recommend that the only way to establish one’s status is to get tested. Common ways of its transmission are through fluids, blood, tattoo or injection/piercing needles and breast milk.

In this article, I will outline specific symptoms of HIV in women.

1.      Flu-like symptoms

Research shows that some people may have the symptoms, including fever, rash, lack of energy, swollen lymph glands and headache among others.

2.      Swollen glands

The more it spreads in the body, the glands enlarge throughout the various parts of the body, including neck, back of the head, armpits, groin, and this may last for several months.

3.      Weight loss

Research shows that weight loss is associated with weak or fairly depleted immune system. In addition, it could be as a result of severe diarrhoea.

4.      Menstrual irregularities

Studies shows that periods might be fewer, lighter/heavier or lost completely at advanced stages.

5.      Changes in nails

The nails may start thickening, splitting, discoloration(black or brown). In most cases, this is due to fungal infections such as yeast.

6.      Sores and rashes on the skin

Research shows that most women develop skin related ailments. It is recommended to seek medical attention and take HIV test if rashes aren’t easily treated.

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