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Winnie Odinga Breaks Silence After Missing Ruto's Meeting Will EALA MPs

Photo Courtesy of Google:Winnie Odinga

President William Ruto yesterday had a meeting with Members of the National Assembly who were nominatted to East Africa Legislative Assembly by their respective parties.

It was noted that Winnie Odinga did not attend te meeting that was convened by President William Ruto at the State House of Kenya.

Winnie Odinga has now responded to the miss by revealing why she did not attend the meeting that was led by President William Ruto.

In a statement, Winnie Odinga has revealed that the meeting was a short notice and that she was unavailable during the meeting.

"I think people are making a storm out of a teacup. The meeting was a short notice and I was unavailable" reads a statement from EALA Member of the National Assembly Hon Winnie Odinga.

Statement Link - Winnie Odinga explains why she missed President Ruto's meeting with EALA MPs

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