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Netizen Reactions To The New Kangogo Challenge.

Kenyans joke too much and sometimes they cross the borders. They forget that not all jokes are funny. I understand it's good to be creative but not in a way that hurts our fellow Kenyans. Two days after Corporal Caroline Kangogo committed suicide at her parents' bathroom in Anin, there is a news challenge called Kangogo. Currently, there is a picture surfing online of a man who mimicked the pose of dead Caroline Kangogo in the a bathroom. The man in red hood and grey trouser posed for a picture in the bathroom. He crossed his legs and hold a fake gun at his hand. This picture has sparked mixed feelings and different reactions from Kenyan. Many netizens condemned this challenges. However, some people said that this is creativity. Below are screenshots of netizens reactions. What are your opinion about this challenge? Please share your views on the comment section below.

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