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3 most dangerous behaviours women display when annoyed or in doubt in a relationship

Hello guys, welcome again to my page and today am going to warn you about these three most dangerous behaviours women display in a relationship when they get annoyed with either their partner or something that has to do with that particular relationship they are in.

First of all what you need to understand is that women tend to be more serious in a relationship than men and this makes them get heart more when something goes wrong in a relationship.

So very first we are going straight to our very agenda.

Number one, when the two of you have had a misunderstanding during a normal day and you go to bed without solving your differences, she will display a very disturbing act that particular night.

When you go to bed she will pretend to be deep asleep but she is just deep in thoughts. 

After you are deeply asleep she might wake up at the middle of the night and watch you while you sleep wondering what she can do to solve the problem.

I tell you some of this night thoughts are not good especially when someone is hungry. So some of her thoughts might be wild which include thinking of how she can even do away with you and forget about that relationship. 

Women also have this dangerous behaviour when they are in doubt. This one is when they are in doubt that you might be cheating.

What they do is that they time when both of you are in the house and have nothing to do at that particular time.

So they come up with short funny statements which will bring the man into confession. The most common statement women love using is, "I don't know where you go through immediately you leave work" or "I don't like the way you behave nowadays."

The reason why women make this annoying comment like questions is not because they are in bad mood or something, no. It is just because they want dig into you as a man and see if their doubt of you cheating are correct. 

Definitely if you panic you will end up spilling the beans indirectly and she will definitely notice something fishy. 

Lastly, women love checking into mens pockets when washing cloths. They can also touch your pockets when hugging you. Well, to you it may seem normal. You might think she is looking for money, right?

But you will be shocked when you realize that her main agenda was to find clues on what you have been doing while you were away.

As careless as we men are, we sometimes forget peace of papers, like receipts, inside our pockets that you either used to pay lunch or a ticket or even short reminder notes.

This piece of papers will help her figure out what your day was like and that can get dangerous if some of this findings doesn't add up.

What if you went cheating and by mistake you forget a protection item in you pocket? It can be an unknown credit card, prevention pills or even condoms!

Hahaha... come on men. So we should be so careful if we have to cheat or do some dirty businesses out there to avoid bringing your mistakes into a relationship. 

Because am telling you there are so many funny dangerous behaviours women display when annoyed or even i doubt.

Thanks a lot for reading and don't forget to share this article if you find it useful. 

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