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Bandits Outsmart US Technology as Details on How They Operate Are Revealed

The KDF and a special US Army group in North Rift and Turkana are on a speedy move to unravel the banditry incidences where more people continue to die as the operation continue. This is after the bandits claimed they were in a revenge operation after some of their members were killed in a shootout.

In an incident where three police officers were killed , the counter police have not succeeded in tracking the bandits even with their state or the art technoly which is backed by the united States of America forces. The bandits are said to have had a special mode of operation where their attacks are coordinated prior and have spies all over.

According to police reports and information obtained from a reformed raider, the bandits have their intelligence both in and out of the target villages. Sometimes they compromise the security forces with money as they are well linked. The proceedings from the raids are either meant for sale in big cities or shared amongst themselves. Their mode of attack is not ambush as earlier identified but a specialized attack with each bandits having a role to play in the group.

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