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Kamiti Maximum Prison, Kenya Vs Gitarama Prison, Rwanda: Which is The Worst Prison in Africa

These worst facilities are characterized by extreme violence, poor sanitation, and overcrowding, among many other non-human-right friendly conditions. It is the worst nightmare of any criminal to be put behind bars in these correctional facilities in Africa.

1.Kamiti Maximum prison,Kenya

The Kamiti Maximum prison is the biggest facility in Kenya, built on a 1200-acre land in the Kiambu part of the country. The prison is famous for housing political prisoners within the 1980s and early 1990s. The prison was created to hold 1400 criminals but is currently overcrowded with more than double the number.

Kamiti holds notoriety for poor conditions and inhumane treatment with instances of sodomy, cholera outbreaks, poor sanitation, malnutrition, and ulcers. Within Kamiti Maximum, block G is dubiously known for housing inmates who prey on others for sexual pleasures.

2.Gitarama Prison,Rwanda

Gitarama is by far among deadliest prisons on earth, holding prisoners who have committed genocide-related crimes. The facility is meant to hold just 600 but it has over 7000 convicted felons. Due to the overwhelming numbers of inmates, most spend their time standing due to the lack of space.

The most traumatizing part is that it has the worst inmates, who engage in deadly fights and often feed on the dead bodies of the killed felons to survive, as food is scarce within the prison. 

The question now is,which between these two is the most dangerous prison?Share your thoughts with me as you share this article.For more updates remember to follow my channel.

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