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Kianjokoma police post receives new officers after the death of the two brothers

As the murder probe against six suspected officers continue, the station has received new officers.

To what may appear as mending the broken pieces, the new officers fellowshiped with Christian faithful of kianjokoma ACK. The lively officers pleaded with the locals that they should interact freely as officers are also normal people just like them. The new OCS Mr. Mugoya and his deputy Elisha mwaniki assured residents of their security and called for cooperation from them for easier execution of duty.

Reverend Njagi lauded the officers move and promised to work in liason with the police to enhance security. He urged the locals to be law abiding to avoid conflicting with the police. He also called upon locals to end crime and especially drug abuse, and report to the police any suspected criminals. The OCS in turn extended a warm gesture asserting that his office is always open for everyone.

Meanwhile, the other six officers who were suspected earlier of the murder of the two brothers are being remaned at kamiti prison. Recently, four out of the four officers were secluded after testing positive for covid 19. Hope is still high that the affected family who lost their beloved sons will get justice soon.

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