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“This Country Has Many Problems But China Square is Not One of Them” Analyst Warns CS Moses Kuria

Trade cabinet secretary Moses Kuria has sparked a public outcry over his decision to close down the popular China Square that had taken Nairobi city by storm. China square became an instant hit days after launching with thousands of Kenyans thronging to it daily for a memorable shopping spree.

Those who managed to visit it before its closure revealed that it was selling its products at pocket-friendly prices. More so, the square was praised for being a one-stop shop where a variety of goods were located under one roof.

In light of the move by the Trade CS to suspend operations of China Square indefinitely, renowned political analyst Kamau Kamau has come out to warn the CS about the trajectory that he is taking.

Speaking during an interview on TV47 Kenya, Kamau observed that CS Moses Kuria had started well, but he has since been engulfed by the Kenya Kwanza mentality, which holds that if it’s not me getting it then definitely you will not get it as well.

Kamau maintains that among the many challenges facing this country, China Square is not one of them. He called upon the vocal CS to reconsider his stand and allow Kenyans to enjoy good products and affordable prices offered by the Chinese investor.

"This country has many problems, but China Square is not one of them. My good friend Moses Kuria had started well, but now he has gotten into the influence of the Kenya Kwanza mentality that if I am not getting it, you won't get it either," said political analyst Kamau Kamau on TV47 Kenya.

Moses Kuria’s move has also received criticism from city lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi, who called out the CS for preaching to the world that “Kenya is open for business” yet taking the war to Mr. Lei Cheng for succeeding in doing business in Kenya. 

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