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5 Ways That Money Is Coming According To Feng Shui

About everyone believes that having a prosperous life, is having to worry not about money. Nothing is more painful in life like having to calculate and paying attention to your least expenses at the end of the day.

It is true that luck, always smiles on people who attract prosperity and financial stability. For you to be able to know that luck is on your way, you have to familiarize yourself with clues that are not deceiving. In this article, we shall look into signs that proves money is coming on your way.

1. One of the sign originated from ancient Chinese philosophy. Where it states that, when you are expecting a child or a new birth, it is a sign of fortunate to you. It simply means that, a pregnant woman, will attract money more easily than those who aren't.

2. Having insects in your house such as ladybird, is a sign if good fortune. It is believed that, if one chases some sacred insects such as ladybird, are into risk of attracting eternal misfortune.

3. It has also been proved that, losing pennies or coins in your house is a sign of fortune because money attracts money.

4. An acorn from since a very long time, has been considered an emblem of good luck and power. Along with good luck, it is also a symbol of spiritual development. Other peoples believe that having an acorn around YoUr house especially on a window, always protect YoUr house from lightning. Though it may seem futile to us, but it has been widely accepted idea by many. So, having an acorn around you, attracts fortunate and money.

5. Seeing birds often, is also considered a way of luck. So, seeing birds often shouldn't worry you because that is a sign that money is coning on your way.

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