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Simple Procedure To Increase Fuliza Limit

'Fuliza,' a new service from Safaricom, was recently launched. This essentially indicates that even if the mpesa balance is 0, transactions can still be completed.


For you to be allowed to utilise this service, Safaricom evaluates some factors, including the transactions you make, how you use credit, and how you repay your other loans. Unfortunately, most Kenyans who do not conduct a large number of transactions on their mobile phones have a nil balance.

Essentially, the fuliza limit is the maximum amount that Safaricom can assign to you, which you can use to transact even if you don't have enough money or a balance in your mpesa account.

If your limit is 0, you will be unable to trade; but, if your limit is five hundred, you will be able to complete a transaction worth five hundred dollars. The money is deducted together with a tiny interest rate the next time you top up your Mpesa account, depending on how quickly you pay off the loan.

If your Fuliza limit is zero, all you have to do is dial *234 #, go to the Fuliza option, and simply opt-out and opt-in. Boom! You'll notice that your limit has been raised. Please let me know if yours works; mine did and I've tried it with other folks. Share this trick. Best wishes.

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