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Ni Mchawi: See What An Elderly Man Was Caught Putting In A Coffin Of A Dead Woman That Caused Chaos

Africa is known to be the land of witchcraft and other supernatural malicious activities. It has however never been known how these people get their powers and this surprises even the scientists themselves. It is an art that is yet to be proved.

A funeral in Kakamega was forced to stop for some time after an elderly man of 60 years was caught red handed placing eggs in the coffin of the deceased woman. It is said that the lady passed away after suffering for a short time. The man was confronted by the people after they noticed two eggs lying next to the head of the dead woman.

Those present were angry and took him for a sorcerer and demanded him to explain to them the reason for placing the eggs in the coffin. Some of the elderly men present intervened and said he did so because he was involved in her death and wanted to be free of her dementing spirits.

The people did not listen and demand an explanation prompting to teach him a lesson so that others like him could learn and keep away from hurting their loved ones.

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