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"Unajitia Aibu,"Tanzanians Humiliate Tanasha Donna After Doing This In Arusha

Over the time, Tanzanians have shown their love for Diamond Platnumz' s baby mama Tanasha Donna. They usually refer to her as ' shemeji' , an indication that despite the problems between her and Diamond Platnumz As far as their relationship is concerned, she is still loved by many.

Her beauty has been key to this and maybe the fact she is not as controversial as the rest of Diamond Platnumz' s baby mamas is also an added advantage. Sometimes, it was alleged that Diamond rates her high among his baby mamas. This was based on the number of times the duo used to meet.

At one point, she traveled to Tanzania to take her song to spend time with his Tanzanian relatives. Shockingly, she went to s club with Diamond, and even joined him on the stage.

Well, now Diamond seems to have moved on as he revealed few weeks ago about her relationship with the South African model. This therefore mean that anytime the Kenyan singer travels to Tanzania, she will not be able to hide under Diamond Platnumz' s shadow anymore.

Walking on her own pushed her to unwanted corner on Saturday 10th July. First, it is worth noting that Tanasha is among the famous celebrities in Kenya. Dating Diamond Platnumz was a big boost in building her brand.

She can be described as a go- getter, someone who who never gives up and thrives hard to get what she wants. She is also blessed with some melodious voice, one which not everyone agrees with.

During her live performance in Arusha Tanzania at Eden Gardens in a festival organized by fellow singer Nandy, Tanasha got humiliation of her life contrary to the praise and love she used to get before.

She stepped on the stage to perform her song ' Gere' and fans ended up comparing her with Hamisa Mobetto, another Diamond Platnumz' s ex girlfriend and baby mama.

They told her to stop embarrassing herself by giving them a very poor performance. According to the fans, Tanasha did not prepare enough enough for the show.

This is just a show it how fast things can change. From bring loved to brutal attack by Tanzanians, those she went to entertain is one thing she could not have expected

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