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Never Leave an ATM Without Doing This After you Withdraw Money

Right now an ATM is one of the most public used machine. In a single day, an ATM is able to serve so many people.Most banks have have active ATM machines so that that they can reduce long queues in the bank and also be able to serve their customers more efficiency way.Some use the machines to check balance and others to withdraw money.Time like now when the country is going through a hard time fighting COVID 19, we should play a very important role to make sure we protect ourselves and our families as well. Remember that once you contract the virus, it is very easy for you to spread it to your family or friends.

Anytime you use an ATM machine make sure you wash your hand with running water or sanitizer. Remember very well that the same machine has been used by so many people that day and they used the same buttons as well. This means that an ATM can contribute so mach in spreading this deadly disease of people are not so cautious.

It is advisable to buy your own sanitizer so that you can keep on sanitizing regularly. So many people right now have are not even followung the protocol set by the ministry of health since they take the virus to be just like any other disease. This is the reason why right now the country is recording high number of COVID 19 cases. Let all follow the protocols to keep ourselves and our families save.

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