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"Forget Storming Statehouse, You Will Not Access Nairobi CBD" Police Tells Azimio

The Police Boss in Nairobi Adamson Bungei has urged the Azimio leader Raila Odinga and his supporters to keep off Nairobi CBD on Monday. According to Bungei, Azimio will also not be allowed anywhere near Statehouse for it's a protected area.

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The government has affirmed that Raila's Supporters will be met by serious government force on Monday. The police commander has affirmed that people have a right to demonstrate but that doesn't mean interfering with the rights of innocent people.

It's obvious that Statehouse and state lodges are protected areas. Any attempt to attack or invade Statehouse is largely unacceptable for it's equal to a Coup against a democratic government.

President Ruto has also remained clear that his government is not scared of Raila's threats and attempts to stage protests to Statehouse. Kenyans are however waiting to know of what unfolds of Azimio given the changing political times.

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