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OPINION:Why We Feel Unconscious When We Wake Up

Humans are very delicate and sometimes strong and intelligent being in the planet.Humans can feel,can love,hate,can take care of others and can do more other things so that he can satisfy his soul.People do a lot of things that make them feel tired and so make them feel a sleep or need to rest so that the energy can be recharged again.Photo Courtesy.

In this news article we are going to see some reasons why we feel unconscious when we wake up...Lets get to it;


When we sleep, different people dream of different things, some dream soft while others it's hard.Tough dream makes your body feel tired because it was struggling with what you were dreaming.This makes you to feel nozey when waking up.

2.Closing Eyes

When eyes are closed while sleeping,it makes the body adjust to the darker so that it can function well thus when we try to wake up,eyes try to adjust to the normal condition leading us unconscious.Photo Courtesy.

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