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Hubby Ndereba Paid Hitmen Ksh1.5M To Kill Me But I Faked a Relationship With Them

Lucy Njeri Muhami,a 48 years old lady has moved Kenyans after spilling beans on how her husband plotted and framed her to be killed by paying Ksh 1.5 Million to hitmen but she managed to escape the plot by talking with the hitmen out of it.

Lucy Njeri, narrates how her husband, Nelson Ndereba Njiru bid her goodbye and hugged her as usual at Toronto airport, where she would board her flight to Amsterdam from where she would connect to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA). Njeri was leaving Canada to Kenya ready for routine vacation where her husband would later join to enjoy the Christmas festives.

The couple are athletes reported to have dozens of middle and long-distance races under their belts helping them to have amassed properties bought with prize monies.

"I had suggested that since I was travelling alone, my brother Ben picks me from JKIA, but he (Ndereba) offered to hire a taxi to pick me up from the airport and chauffeur me for two days around Nairobi before taking me to our home in Embu,” she recalls.

Little did she know her husband's ill planned plot with the taxi men to kill her and dump her body that would be found after three to four days. Njeri reports that she befriended the hitmen, promised to top up the amount they had been paid, to which they agreed and she paid them. She also allegedly forged a relationship with them to get more finer details on the planned plot.

The case is reportedly under investigations and more is expected to follow.

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