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Exposed: Why Sagini Did Not Appear In Court Today As His Whereabouts Are Revealed

There have been disturbing reports of young children being subjected to abuse and molestation in various parts of the country, with Sagina being a prime example. The young child was subjected to unspeakable torment at the hands of his grandmother and close relatives, which sparked outrage from thousands of Kenyans demanding prompt action from the government against those responsible for his brutal treatment.

New information has recently come to light regarding Sagina's whereabouts, who had his eyes gouged out in Kisii county. According to a well-known source, the infant appeared virtually in court, as he was in an undisclosed location and unable to attend physically. It has been confirmed that the government is caring for and protecting Sagina, who is doing well.

Sagina's aunt attested to his wellbeing and noted that he can now speak Kiswahili fairly well. She also mentioned that Sagina and his sister were highly distressed and disturbed when they arrived at her house, and their actions indicated that they were growing up in a hostile atmosphere.

The reports of child abuse and molestation are distressing and call for immediate action from the authorities. The government's intervention in Sagina's case is a positive step towards ensuring the protection of vulnerable children. It is crucial that all Kenyans play a role in safeguarding the welfare of children and report any instances of abuse or neglect.

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