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'I Sold My Unborn Baby For 20K Because Of These Three Reasons. Then This Happened' Woman Confesses

Most of us believe that babies are a precious blessing from above. But Faiza Wanjiru confesses that she sold her unborn baby for 20K. This is her story.

Despite scoring 467/700 in her Certificate of Primary Education, CPE and called to a National school, Faiza Wanjiru’s mother refused to take her to High school. Instead she forcefully married her off at the age of 14 years. But Faiza did not want to be a wife so she ran away to Nairobi before the actual wedding day.

She ran away to Nairobi, where she met friends who introduced her to drugs and alcohol addiction. While indulging in all sorts of immorality she got pregnant at the tender age of 14 years.

So she met with a woman who was willing to purchase her unborn child they arrived at an agreement and was given a down payment of 10K. Unfortunately, after she delivered and given away the child she was arrested and taken to juvenile prison where she later escaped.

She confesses that she sold her unborn child for three main reasons. First, she had no place of her own to stay and raise a baby, as she lived with friends.

Secondly, she had no time to raise this unborn child. By this time she was completely addicted to alcohol and drugs and spent most of her time in clubs. Thirdly, she needed money to find her addiction. Thus, Faiza felt that selling her baby for 20K would help her achieve this.

Today Faiza is reformed, a Christian and a mother of one. Comment, Like, Share and Follow for more stories.

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